Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation

Dan Gode and James Ohlson


This website provides an integrated approach to financial statement analysis (FSA) and valuation. It consists of eight spreadsheets: four refer to FSA and four to valuation. All spreadsheets come with documents explaining their motivation, key takeaways, and implementation guidance. These spreadsheets can be used in the classroom as well as for practical equity analysis.

For those who are already familiar with FSA and valuation

For everyone

FSA: Financial Statement Analysis VAL: Valuation

FSA1: Enterprise vs. financial activities

VAL1: Forecasting and valuation of cash flows

FSA2: Recurring enterprise income

VAL2: Dividends, book values, and earnings

FSA3: IRR and multiperiod return on equity

VAL3: Adjusted analyst forecasts

FSA4: Adjusted Cash Earnings (ACE)

VAL4: Excess Implied Return (EIR)


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Date updated: November 23, 2013

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